StayEzee PMS

StayEzee PMS is designed and developed for hotels, restaurants, bar & cafe's. StayEzee PMS is a user friendly system and is easy to learn and easy to use. StayEzee PMS have many types of modules like Front Office, Room Service, Restaurant, Bar, House Keeping, Banquet Hall etc to operate your hotel and helps comtrol costs and also control wastage or leakages. Key features of StayEzee PMS is:-

1. No Need to Install :- StayEzee PMS does not require any installation like a offline software, you just need to enter your login details & use software.

2. Cloud Base :- StayEzee PMS is 100% clouse base software, You just need internet in your device to use it.

3. Auto Back Up :- Auto backup allows making automatic backup for any data type. An automatic backup utility provides a set of tools that can free a user from any regular backup activity, for doing more creative job than daily or emergency-based backup actions.

4. Auto Email Reporting :- Auto Email Reports automatically sends reports for the selected document. You can setup Auto Email Report to send reports at regular intervals & night audit. These must be saved reports of any type.

5. User Friendly :- StayEzee PMS is complete user friendly software means it is not difficult to learn or understand.

6. Secure Data :- We are using https server means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is used for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet.

7. Multimode Settlement :- Offer your guests all the convenience of choice for making payments. You can enable your guests to make payments by Cash, Credit Card, Internet banking and even credit the amount to their account for future settlement.

8. Auto Feedback :- Once the guest has checked out from property, the system will send an auto generated thank you sms/email from the system with a feedback form which can be accessed by the guest from their PC, Tablet or Mobile.

9. Easy to Access :-StayEzee PMS accessable any time, any where from your mobile, pc, laptop & tablets. You just need internet connection in your device to use StayEzee PMS.

10. Guest Profile :-You can store all the standard contact information of your guests as well as custom information as per the requirements. The profile is the focal point of the guest through which you can track.

11. User Roles & Rights :-In StayEzee PMS access to different features and information can be controlled by associating appropriate Role to user. User profiling allows you give access to the user by selecting the specific rights/privilege.

12. Night Audit :-One of the most critical operation in a hotel’s business cycle, Night Audit summarizes your daily activity covering every aspect of your hotel’s operations. Night Audit process done with a single click, which automatically puts together the summary of the day’s activities for verification.

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